Mission Statement

SO… This is a digital cinematography equipment review blog. Film Rage. by “film” I really mean “digital video content”. Or “digital cinema” if you’re a “REDUser”. But “film” had a nicer ring to it. And “Rage” just means “Rage”, but also refers to the potential for rage within my politically incorrect, sweeping reviews of cameras and equipment.

The purpose of this blog is not to provide an exhaustively reasonable and balanced review of any particular camera system or piece of gear. This is a place where I can be blasphemous, where cameras may be struck down in a heartbeat based on a shortcoming that may not bother a majority of people. There are plenty of even-handed reviewers out there who will weigh up the pros and cons of a camera and give you an ambiguous summation of its potential strengths — I think this is great, and I read many of these reviews on a regular basis. But there are times when I don’t want to read a 4-page review that breaks each camera down into “build quality”, “lcd”, “button layout”, “image quality”, and so on, only to end with an ambivalent “pros v. cons” conclusion. So this is a place for reviews in which I will only talk about features that “stick out” to me — where 90% of the camera was perfectly what I wanted, so I’ll skip all of that and get to grips with that last 10% that, in my opinion, really matters. Don’t expect rigorous lens tests, vectorscope-based colour analysis or discussions about how many “lines” a sensor can resolve. That stuff’s all online already, and people can do that far better than I can.

Oh. And don’t expect any reviews of actual film cameras or accessories here. I mean come on, if you’re shooting film you’re probably not blogging.

In addition to camera reviews, I intend to look at various DSLR rig components that I’ve acquired. So many people out there are building their own rigs and ordering items through ebay or cinegearpro, and it’s often a gamble as to whether the items are well-built and whether they’ll fit properly with all of your other rig elements. So I’ll attempt to provide some help here, at least for a few of my own pieces of kit.

That’s it, in a nutshell. I’ll be complaining about cameras that many people think are wonderful — that even I may think are wonderful — because this is 2012. Digital camera technologies are all fairly wonderful, and so I’m going to start with that assumption, take all of that for granted, and hate on the cameras anyway. Enjoy.